We offer all design services that will assist with your marketing needs.

Web Design

We take on your project and we research, we develop, and we implement a strategic site that is created to attract your target market.

Brand and Identity

We assist you in developing an image that is your own.  When your clients see your image they will know that it is your brand.  We can develop your logo, website, business card, brochure, social media presence, and other marketing materials that can help promote your brand.  More options are listed below graphic design.

What is Branding?

Graphic Design

We design all marketing materials.  We design banners, flyers, menus, t-shirts, books, stickers, door hangers, mugs, pens, and etc.  There are not too many projects that we do not design.  If you have a custom project please feel free to contact us to see how we may assist you in completing your project.


We offer individualized, group, and corporate training courses for web design, graphic design, and coding.  Feel free to contact us in order to set up training for your business needs.

Marketing Consulting

We are here to assist with Brand Expansion, PR Kits, Social Media Campaigns, and Email Campaigns.  This is all about exposing your brand and being a known brand throughout your target market and outside of it to reach other potential clients.  Set up a time to meet to see how U-Nique Solutions can help you brand your product.

We have an extensive list of services that we can design for you.

Tell Us Your Needs And We Will Meet Them With Creativity And Strategy...